“Sometimes we need someone from outside to look in on our work and help us reach the next level.  Liz did that for Carthage, and she can do it for your campus, too.”-Dr. Karin Sconzert, Carthage College.

I am passionate about doing work at the intersection of #history, #teaching, and faculty development.

Recent work and presentations:

If Everyone Does It, How Do We Do It Differently?: Critical Thinking in the Humanities Classroom: March 9, 2021, University of Mississippi

Strong Start Workshops: Workshops for women who are academic administrators; included goal/intention setting and discussion of time and stress management strategies: January 2021.

“Liz Lehfeldt is an extremely effective facilitator…she enabled us to define more clearly what was distinctive about our approach, what we wanted to keep on doing, and what we wanted to modify,” Dr. Simon Doubleday, History Department, Hofstra University.

Coaching: I’m excited to offer one-on-one or group coaching for faculty administrators during these pandemic times. Trying to keep up faculty morale and maintain community within your unit? Trying to make sure you set some boundaries for yourself so you don’t burn out? Let’s talk! Recognizing that budgets are limited, rates are negotiable. Contact me through this website, at talestoldoutofschool ~ at ~ gmail ~ dot ~ com, or fill out an interest form.

I am happy to provide references from colleagues who have worked with me.  My current cv is available here.

My background: I have over a decade’s experience as a higher ed administrator (all of which is informed by my 25 years as an academic historian and faculty member).  I am currently a dean and have also been a department chair, program director, and president of an international scholarly society.  I recently finished a three-year term as the Vice President of the Teaching Division of the American Historical Association, where I led several major projects involving history curriculum, enrollments, and pedagogy.  I blog about issues in higher ed administration and teaching and write regularly for Inside Higher Ed.

My work: This summer I’ve helped the American Historical Association lead a series of virtual workshops for department chairs (funded by the Teagle Foundation).

I bring all this experience to bear in my work as a consultant.  I lead workshops, facilitate meetings, and offer coaching in three key areas:

  1. Curriculum and programming: helping academic departments enhance their cohesiveness, outreach, and enrollments by developing strong curricula and programming
  2. Faculty development: supporting faculty who choose to make the transition to administration
  3. Promoting the humanities: enhancing the visibility of the humanities on campuses through curricular and programmatic initiatives.

I have worked with colleagues at Cal State Northridge, Hofstra University, the University of Missouri at St. Louis, and Carthage College.  I have been a facilitator at the American Historical Association’s 2018 and 2019 Workshop for Department Chairs

Skeptical about consultants?  I am, too!  But sometimes a department or a campus needs an outsider’s perspective.  And I’m the perfect combination–I’m an outsider, who’s also an insider to the academy.  So I promise no management-speak or gimmicky group work.  Just straight talk and practical solutions based on conversations with you and your colleagues.

I have worked with colleagues in a variety of areas including:

  • guiding departments through curricular change
  • preparing faculty for careers in administration
  • facilitating professional development for administrators (work-life balance, productivity, morale)
  • providing training and preparation for department chairs, especially in history and the humanities
  • helping academic units identify their purpose and goals
  • addressing the concerns of women in higher ed
  • conducting program reviews, for both internal and external assessment

I can also provide individual consultations/coaching and I am available as a speaker on any of the topics described above (fees negotiable).

I am happy to provide references from colleagues who have worked with me.  My current cv is available here.

Interested in having me work with you virtually or visit your campus? Contact me through this website, at talestoldoutofschool ~ at ~ gmail ~ dot ~ com, or fill out an interest form and we can start planning a visit.